Russian Artic National Park (Arkhangelsk region)

Written on:November 24, 2014
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The national park of Russian Arctic, created under instruction of June 15, 2009, is situated on the territory of Arkhangelsk region in the northern part of Novaya Zemlya Archipelago.


In this region you can find the biggest in the Northern hemisphere rookeries of guillemots, eiders and morses, as well as the polar bear, the great polar whale, arctic foxes, Greenland seals and eared seals.



The flora is represented by some species of mosses, lichens and a small number of flowers. The park has been created to preserve the unique Arctic nature.


Not only the nature is unique, but also the cultural heritage of the national park: here you can find places and objects, connected with the history of the discovery and exploration of Russian Arctic starting from the XVI century, the activity of the Russian polar investigators Rusanov and Sedov, as well as the stay of the Dutch seafarer William Barents, having discovered these lands for the Europeans, and the Russian Pomors, having been there long before him.


According to “Basic directions of the state policy of the development of state natural reserves and national parks in the RF for the period until 2015” ‘Russian Arctic’ national park should obtain the territory of the wildlife sanctuary of Frantz Jozeph Land Archipelago, founded in 1994 in order to preserve the landscapes of Arctic islands, including the territories of the breeding of the polar bear, sea mammals, the places of mass birds’ nesting – rookeries. The wildlife sanctuary occupies the whole archipelago of Frantz Joseph Land and the detached area of Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean. The archipelago is annually visited by cruises arriving by icebreakers. The scientific investigations, including historic-archaeological, are carried out by the Institute of Natural and Cultural heritage. Observations are carried out at a number of polar stations (‘Tikhaya Bay’, ‘Heiss Island’).


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