Kenozersky National Park (Arkhangelsk region)

Written on:November 24, 2014
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Kenozersky national park was founded in 1991. It is situated in Plesetsk and Kargopol municipalities, Arkhangels region, includes the basins of lakes Kenozero, Lekshmozero and other smaller ones on the eastern outskirts of Karelian shield.

In 2004 it was included into UNESCO world net of biosphere reserve. It is a key ornithology territory of international concern.


The territory of the national park has preserved the Northern Russia’s history and culture of several centuries, which has taken shape in numerous architectural monuments, monumental painting, icon-painting, archeology, rich ethnographic material.


Among the unique monuments are aquatic-land ways – portage, by which the territories were explored by the Russians. On the relatively small territory of the park there are more than 100 monuments of architecture, including traditional wooden churches and chapels of the XVII-XVIII c. Their artistic merit is enhanced by the preserved paintings in the interior: iconostases, church utensils and also the pictorial ‘heaven’ – a great phenomenon, characteristic only for this region (monumental paintings representing scenes from the Bible in the constructions of the churches’ arches). For example, the Chapel of St. Nicholas of the XVIII c. is a symbol of the park and another – the chapel-‘cross’ of the XIX c. of Assumption – is the smallest chapel in Russia.


In the centre of folk craft you can take part in a master-class on birch bark whickering and to listen to a folk music concert, and at the museum of ‘Junk Store’ you can get acquainted with the history of the antique.


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